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Red Brioche, Raspberry Jelly, Raspberry Glaze, Dehydrated Strawberry, Pink Meringue, Red & White Chocolate Shards, Raspberry Dust .

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 Yes. You read that correctly. The flavor, taste and texture is honestly still blowing our minds - and it’s exactly what you’re imagining - our very own house made soft serve made using the best part of our croissant, the Croissant Butter! It’s a SWEET, SALTY, BUTTERY, ICY COLD F****** DREAM.

But we didn’t stop there, it comes covered in dehydrated extra crunchy croissant crumbs that have been flavorfied (made that word up) in extra salt and sugar and that’s not all, it also comes with a slice of our signature croissant that has been twice baked with extra salt, butter and sugar on it. But wait, there’s MORE: Every soft serve comes in a HYPERCOLOR COLOR CHANGING cup and SPOON that change color with heat and cold.

Why? Because it’s badass.

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Our croissants are all handmade with love and take 3 days to make. (some even take 4).

We have plain, sweet filled, salty filled and twice baked croissants.

Pictured: Rosemary & Blueberry Croissant



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Our donuts are all hand rolled and take 2-3 days to make depending on the donut.

Our donuts are brioche sweet, salty and sometimes both sweet & salty filled.

Pictured: Salted Caramel & Chocolate Donut




Cruffins are our signature pastry, a hybrid of a croissant and a muffin. 

They are amazing. 

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Supermoon Boxes


Buy 6 or more items and get a holographic souvenir drawer box fro FREE.

Buy less than 6 items and everything will come in a holographic lunch bag.

That's what we call a win/win. 


stay wild, moon child

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